Book is Now Available!

Book is now available in an open beta for the citizens of Virtual Paradise and ActiveWorlds.
If you’re not familiar with it, Book is a comprehensive community directory for everything.
In this beta, Book has listings for individual locations throughout Virtual Paradise and ActiveWorlds, listings for worlds, and listings for community events.
Here’s a quick rundown of everything you can do with Book:
  • Book is a community-powered database, so you can control everything listed on Book. If someone else lists your build, you can claim it to maintain control over how it’s presented.
  • Book is compatible with Virtual Paradise and ActiveWorlds.
  • You can rate and review Locations and Worlds; the highest rated of these are displayed prominently on the home page.
  • When you rate and review Locations and Worlds, you can upload your own photos to the listing.
  • You can publish community events in Virtual Paradise (support for ActiveWorlds coming soon) with powerful tools – the same tools used for publishing Locations and Worlds.
  • If you find something inappropriate on Book, you can easily report it.
  • You can upgrade your own listings to Promoted status for as little as $5 for seven days. Promoted listings show up first in search results across Book, even if they aren’t related to a search query. Promotions are a great way to increase visibility of an Event, Location, or World.
  • Listings can have embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos.
  • You can specify a content rating for Locations and Worlds.
  • If your Location or World has a presence on social networking, you can link to those profiles.
Coming soon to Book:
  • Top-down Maps of select Locations within Virtual Paradise (ActiveWorlds not supported).
  • Citizens directory
Membership on Book is totally free. Book does serve non-intrusive advertising, and employs methods to block the use of an adblocker. These ads do not automatically play sound or video, and are explicitly designed to not be in your way. Please whitelist Book in your adblocking software.
If you want to promote a listing on Book, you must purchase a Promotional Key in the Shop, which is available for $5 for 7 days, $7 for 14 days, and $10 for 30 days. Promoted listings show up first in search results across Book, even if they aren’t related to a search query, and are highlighted elsewhere on Book.
I hope you guys enjoy using Book as much as I enjoyed creating it for all of you!


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